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The OMEGA Prize Student Awards are intended to honor the best Masters projects completed by students of the Microengineering Section of the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). The work should contribute to scientific and technological advances in the following disciplines:

To apply, students must submit one copy of their Master project to the Director of the Microengineering Section. Deadline for application: on the regular submission date for Master projects.

Each award amounts to 1000 Swiss francs, usually in addition to an OMEGA watch. The Board of the Foundation of the OMEGA Prize determines the number of awards available every year. The OMEGA Prize award ceremony is held concurrently with the graduation ceremony for Masters Degrees in Microengineering at EPFL.

Application procedure:
The application deadline for the OMEGA Student Award is August 15.
The student sends his report in pdf format to the microengineering section (, accompanied by a cover letter highlighting the objectives achieved during the master's project and the arguments for obtaining the prize. The professor in charge of the project sends to the section the project evaluation form, also indicating the note.

Laureates of the OMEGA Student Awards

Year Laureate(s) University
2023 Luca Pedro EPFL
2022 Matthieu Gevers EPFL
2021 Berke Erbas EPFL
2020 Hédi Fendri EPFL
2019 Patrick Flückiger
Roman Blum
2018 Mathieu Aberle
Mehdi Gadiri
2017 - -
2016 Antoine Schaller
Thomas Fussinger
2015 Loïc Bovay EPFL
2014 David Nguyen EPFL
2013 Nadine Besse
Billy Nussbaumer
2012 Olivier Bammatter
Cédric Schwab
2011 Olivier Marti
Marc Stranczl
2010 - -
2009 Sophie Mathis
Olivier Triverio
Yu Libo
Sara Talaei
Enrique Rivera
2008 Christian Pache
Philippe Retornaz
Chakravarty Devulapalli
Pierre Olivier Gaggero
Arif Zeeshan
2007 Cédric Blatter
Christoph Eggimann
Michael Sigrist
Marc Weibel
Marcel Suter
Andreas Hügi
2006 Nicolas Durand
Cédric Rey
Dara Bayat
Arun Mohan
Prakash Egambaram Thoppay
2005 Frédéric Declercq
Matthias Greuter
Michele Leidi
Samuel Hoffmann
Sara Olibet
Christophe Walther
2004 Beda Steinacher
Stefan Troller
Marcel Didier Domine
Ivano Pola
Severin Waldis
Corsin Battaglia
2003 Adrian Bachmann
Vincent Friedli
Ambroise Krebs
Marcel Frei
Christian Schuster
Christophe Zwahlen
2002 Matthias Felber
Asma Jebali
Vincent Pott
Laurent Sache
Mathieu Burri
Richard Maulini
Grégoire Waelchli
Michael Zickar
2001 Jean-marie Buchilly
Thierry Oggier
Martin Wüthrich
Stephan Beer
Raphaël Imer
Thomas Overstolz
2000 Marc Freese
Patrick Helmer
Roland Meyer
Roman Merz
Guido Niederer
Urban Seger
1999 Mauro Bergonzi
Roger Meier
Christian Caduff
Jamil Kuendig
1998 Rémy Blank
Alain Jordan
Giuseppina Biundo
Jean-luc Nagel
1997 Cédric Aymon
Pierre Boillat
Dominique Bubendorf
Chantal H. Grosjean
Andrea Ruetschi
Benno Zueger
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